Driven, talented, and beautiful, Courtnee Mason has graced covers of magazines, television stations, and received the title of Miss Black Charlotte NC USA® 2011. She was also the face of Charlotte, North Carolina’s First Annual Fashion Week, named Charlotte Style Magazine’s 25 Most Stylish, and appeared on Tyler Perry’s House of Payne. “I am constantly competing with myself and driven to become the best at everything I set out to accomplish,” said Courtnee Mason.

Courtnee Mason’s most recent accomplishment was being casted on VH1’s You’re Cut Off!, a reality show about nine privileged “princesses” who are stripped of their luxuries and forced to live life like “normal” people. They went through challenges to learn self-improvement, responsibility, and independency in hopes of graduating the Princess Program. Here is Courtnee Mason’s experience when she found out she was cut off:

Nxlevel Charlotte: Why did you decide to go on VH1’s You’re Cut Off!?

Courtnee Mason: All of the girls, including me, thought that we were going to be on a show called The Good Life…but little did we know! We didn’t find out that we were on a show called You’re Cut Off! until we got to the West coast. Regardless of what the show was called, it was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I would not change it for the world. It was a career move for me. So many others go on reality shows to jumpstart their career; it’s a chance to be seen on a national scale.

Nxlevel Charlotte: How does it feel having cameras tape your every move?

Courtnee Mason: (Laughs) It was weird at first, but I loved it!

Nxlevel Charlotte: Did you have a hard time living on a budget?

Courtnee Mason: It was not hard for me because I have always lived on some sort of budget. When you go grocery shopping with people who have never been, it is. I am from the south and one thing about my parents is that you have to know how to cook, clean, and grocery shop. That is a must in the Mason house. I am not talking about microwave dinners; I am talking about from scratch.

Nxlevel Charlotte: Describe your experience living in a house with all females.

Courtnee Mason: I hated the elementary school arguments. All I kept thinking was, ‘Are you serious or are you doing this for camera time?’ Let’s just say what you saw was real because it was like that when the cameras were on and off. You didn’t get to see the half of it. Just know that Jersey Shore had nothing on the girls in that house. (Laughs)

Nxlevel Charlotte: What was the most difficult part about the show?

Courtnee Mason: Of course living with the eight other females! It was worse than a college dorm room and we had four to five people in a room. Also, dealing with eight over the tippy-top personalities was difficult.

Nxlevel Charlotte: You went through several challenges on the show. What was the most important lesson you learned on You’re Cut Off!?

Courtnee Mason: I have learned to appreciate the little things so much more. I also realized that I need to step it up and give more of my time to those in need. PATH (People Assisting the Homeless) was my favorite challenge on the show.

Nxlevel Charlotte: Has attention from viewers been negative or positive after the show?

Courtnee Mason: The attention from viewers has been more positive than negative. Of course you have a handful of people who base their reality on reality shows; to them I am a spoiled brat. All I can say is- it’s TV!

Nxlevel Charlotte: Has your lifestyle changed or remained the same since being on the show?

Courtnee Mason: It has changed. I am ready to take over the world like Pinky and the Brain. I am ready to lead by example. So many people tell me they admired me for the way I carried myself on the show which is surprising because ratings come from the drama-filled people. It means the world to me that although I was not front and center, I was noticed for my character. I am more driven than ever before!

Nxlevel Charlotte: Is there any advice you would give women in the same situation?

Courtnee Mason: Your habits are a reflection of your insecurities. Your excessive spending or vanity is a cover-up for something deeper that is hindering your progress in life. Dig deep and find out why you do, act, or believe what you do. Know that everything can be taken from you at any given time. Be thankful and if you can afford to give, do so. ‘Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.’

Nxlevel Charlotte: What have you been doing career-wise post-show?

Courtnee Mason: I am a blog writer for Russell Simmons' Global Grind and I have also been getting ready to compete for the title of Miss Black NC USA® 2011. The pageant is this November. There are so many more projects I have been working on but I cannot reveal what they are until they are finalized. For anyone who wants to keep up with my journey, go to www.courtneemason.com and check out my weekly blog posts on www.globalgrind.com.

Nxlevel Charlotte: Last but definitely not least, what was your favorite Nxlevel experience?

Courtnee Mason: GHOE (Greatest Homecoming on Earth) 2009. I love the VIP treatment no matter where I am in North Carolina. Nxlevel takes great care of me!

Be sure to follow Courtnee Mason on Twitter @CourtneeMason.

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Thoughts of a Man: Part 1 || Is HE Listening?

-By Heisman. Walls

Inspired by a true story, this literature articulates the mind of a dreamer.

Aroused by the "possibilities," it became more than a dream. Once it became attainable, the road-most-traveled seemed illogical - why not? With a sincere passion he invested time and energy.

A foundation anchored by a spiritual liaison rooted a presence in his life that was stronger than ever - a divine truth fueled by inevitable experiences and sincere devotion. The audacity of his pursuit was religiously justified. His unworldly influence qualified ALL “possibilities” to be possible - by any man who believed.

With opportunistic goals, sincere faith, and positive intent - the lack of results started to weigh heavier. How could Job* be punished? He knew but did not understand. And as time taunted him, patience lacked. He questioned, not only the process, but overall concept. He questioned, not only the purpose and direction, but his spiritual teachings and understanding - "What if HE (God) doesn't deliver the desires of my heart?"

He goes to church almost every Sunday; he dismisses wreckless lust. He sits, thinks, and occasionally sheds a tear. Invested time, money and faith overwhelmingly takes its toll. He isolates himself away from all of you a day or two - sometimes weeks. In his mother's basement, he prays for enlightenment.

Did he dream too big? Did he make the right decision?

During the day, while driving, he ponders a more realistic journey or dream overlooked - maybe? As he pleads, he needs a divine intervention.

Yearning for instant guidance he can only ask, "Where do I go from here?" ...A few seconds, days, and now weeks later - no answer. Is HE listening?...


Recap || Happy Endings

*Pictures Courtesy of CLTExposed Magazine

We Appreciate You || Happy Endings

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