What is your ideal happy ending?

“My ideal happy ending would be having a job that I love so much that it does not feel like a job but rather a purpose to fulfill for the rest of my life that helps people and pleases my savior.” - Will Medley

“It’s a time when the body is at complete ease and there’s nothing else you need at that moment; release all your cares into the world.” - Justin Moore

"Winning. #heismanshrug."- Curtis "Heisman" Walls

“Arriving at a state of contentment, where its value extends beyond any monetary amount.”- Christa Newkirk

“My ideal happy ending is to be successful in whatever I do.”- Greg Arnold

“A happy ending to me is when you can look back and be at peace with who you were, proud of whom you’ve become, humbled by your experiences and remembered as an inspiration and servant to others. When you’ve done all you can do to the best of your abilities, your ending can be someone else’s bright and beautiful beginning. That is my happy ending.”- Christina Morrisey

“Pay-day Friday at 4:45 p.m.” - Damu “Carlos” Winston

“Being happy and whatever that entails.” - Chanel Murphy

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Thoughts of a Man : Part 1 || His Humble Grind

-Heisman. Walls

Inspired by a true story, this literature articulates the mind of a dreamer.

He encounters constant ups and downs. Lingering disappointments, impeded progress, and occasional doubt overwhelms his spirit. Thoughts of complacency grow stronger and stronger. Some days a corona of darkness engulfs him. His most desired dreams and aspirations verge on the probability of being mocked as inconceivable - a waste of time.

He remembers the initial epiphany and excitement that filled his ambitions with possibility. Six months later, the reality of the process weighs in on the lack of progress. Fast forward another six months - he continues. Delayed yet hopeful, he never dismisses optimism. Though adversity consistently seems inevitable, his actions are never immobilized. Doubtful influences do not avert his desires and ambitions.

Day by day he embraces the adversity. With a passionate ideology he humbly grinds, never to cease until his “being” is exposed and embraced by the world...

To be continued...

(Series of Short Stories - follow his journey)


Maintain Your Sexy || Velocity Sports Performance

-Chanel Murphy

Exercising for your "ideal" body should not merely be a summertime ritual. Staying physically-fit and working-out should be a lifestyle for optimal health!

Nxlevel Charlotte has partnered with Velocity Sports Performance in order to help you maintain your sexy yearlong.

Velocity Sports Performance is not a regular workout facility. “We have a professionally-certified coaching staff,” said Jed Hartigan, Strength and Conditioning Specialist. Whether you are a professional athlete or just want to become more active, Velocity ensures complete training for all skill levels.

At Velocity, there is a workout for just about everyone. Adult, youth, team, collegiate/professional combine, and one-on-one personal training are the programs offered. The facility includes athletic turf fields, sprint tracks, Olympic-style weightlifting and so much more. Hartigan explained, “We have a large facility so there is no long wait for equipment.”

Training groups are relatively small and intimate in order to “ensure proper technique,” said Hartigan.

Jed Hartigan also offered a few tips for staying physically-fit.

1. “Stay as active as possible. Try to have at least 20-30 minutes of physical activity per day.”

2. “Stay away from sugar products.”

And the easiest tip:

3. “Take the stairs instead of the elevator.”

*Above: Facility

*Above: Waiting Area

When you MENTION NXL21 Charlotte, you will receive a COMPLIMENTARY WORKOUT for an adult class. For more information, go to: www.charlotte.nxlevelent.com/velocityspcharlotte or call 704-588-1770.


A Brotha with Soul || The Harvey Cummings Interview

-By Chanel Murphy

Above: Harvey Cummings

Often described as being a musical genius, Harvey Cummings became interested in music at the age of three. “We had a piano in the house and I would always bang on it. My parents never seemed to mind but I actually got in tune and started to play for real,” explains Harvey.

“I’ve been playing ever since.”

The talented musician attended performing arts schools in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina from elementary to high school. He also had many recitals and was able to perform his first written song in the fourth grade concert. “My parents didn’t know what was going on. They were shocked,” says Harvey.

-Nxlevel Charlotte: What other instruments do you play besides the piano?

-Harvey: I play the saxophone. That’s my other main instrument. I can play band instruments also. I sucked at the French horn though.

-Nxlevel Charlotte: Who are your musical influences?

-Harvey: My musical influences are John Coltrane, Duke Ellington, Herbie Hancock, Nas, Jay-Z, and the Roots. Also, Thlonious Monk. He’s a pianist from Rocky Mount. I like Monk because he plays outside the box.

-Nxlevel Charlotte: What inspires your music?

-Harvey: Whatever I’m feeling at the time- good or bad.

-Nxlevel Charlotte: What genre does your music fall under?

-Harvey: Hip-hop jazz.

-Nxlevel Charlotte: The rumor out there is that you may be performing with Hootie and the Blowfish.

-Harvey: That’s true. I’m opening up in September for Hootie. It’s a blessing! It opens up another audience for our music.

-Nxlevel Charlotte: Congrats. What other bands have you worked with?

-Harvey: The band I’m apart of is Beatnam and the Vets. We formed this band back in college. But I’ve worked with other bands including Peace and Love, The Company Band, and Betty Pride and the BP Ride Blues Band. I was also one of the featured pianists on the Boondocks- the second season. I got a call from 9th Wonder asking to play the background music for the show. It opened a lot of doors.

-Nxlevel Charlotte: Where is one of your favorite places to perform?

-Harvey: My favorite place to perform is a restaurant in the South Park area in Charlotte called CafĂ© Monte. It’s a nice French-inspired restaurant. The food is bangin'. The people love the music. I also play every Friday at Sadie’s Soul Food. Their food is great. They won the Steve Harvey Hoodie Award.

-Nxlevel Charlotte: So when did you become involved with Nxlevel Charlotte?

-Harvey: Well, I’ve always been a fan of Nxlevel. I used to go to the parties in Greensboro, North Carolina. My first party was the Black Party in 2008 for my 25th birthday. I got involved in Nxlevel Charlotte when I received a phone call about bands performing for the New Year’s party.

-Nxlevel Charlotte: How do you feel about the presence of jazz in Charlotte?

-Harvey: I’m interested in bringing jazz to Charlotte, especially to our audience- young black professionals. There’s not really a niche for pure jazz in Charlotte. I’m not really fond of the music people are hearing.

-Nxlevel Charlotte: Do you have any advice for other upcoming artists?

-Harvey: My advice is to stay true to yourself. Don’t play what other people want you to. In music, we’re losing individuality. Be creative. Be an individual. Make your music remembered. Standout. I feel like my gimmick is real music.

-Nxlevel Charlotte: Is there anyone you would like to acknowledge that helped you in this musical journey?

-Harvey: I’d like to thank God. My family. My father- rest-in-peace. My friends. My girlfriend who is my biggest supporter and my manager. She keeps me grounded. I would also like to thank Nxlevel Charlotte for putting this interview together. I’d like to thank the people.

Be sure to follow Harvey Cummings on Twitter @brothawitsoul.

*Above: Harvey Cummings playing at a nearby music store.