NXL21 Charlotte Presents the Charlotte Greek Picnic 2011 || The Queen City Edition

NXL21 Charlotte invites ALL GREEKS along the East Coast to the 1st Annual Charlotte Greek Picnic 2011 - The Queen City Edition. This monumental event will be hosted Friday, May 13th and Saturday, May 14th.

We have recognized the endless possibilities to provide an experience that will revitalize the Greek-based fraternity and sorority appeal in Charlotte. Many of our team members and associates are Greek-affiliated; we know the strength of organizations’ influence, the pride of their histories, and the epic memories that generate when Greeks unite. There is no experience, like the Greek experience.

This event will be a chance for ALL GREEK organization members and friends to congregate, reunite, and network. The 1st Annual Charlotte Greek Picnic 2011 will provide a new and exhilarating experience for the entire Greek-based family in North Carolina.

If you have any questions regarding the Charlotte Greek Picnic 2011 – The Queen City Edition, please contact NXL21 Charlotte at Info@CLTGreekPicnic.com.

For undergraduate step-show information, email us at StepTeam@CLTGreekPicnic.com.

Visit the official website: http://www.cltgreekpicnic.com/

More Details Coming Soon!


“Because you are elite, come discover Oomph Boutique,” is their motto. As one of Charlotte’s hidden treasures, Oomph Boutique offers an extraordinary shopping experience for the discerning fashionista. Stunning d├ęcor. Complimentary wine. Outstanding customer-service. You will feel like royalty. NXL21 Charlotte chatted with boutique owner Arien Agurs:

NXL21 Charlotte: How long has Oomph Boutique been open?

Arien Agurs: The boutique has been open since October 2010.

NXL21 Charlotte: What does Oomph Boutique sell?

Arien Agurs: We sell women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories.

NXL21 Charlotte: Where did the vision of Oomph Boutique come from?

Arien Agurs: I’m a very big shopper and loyal shopper. I was tired of seeing people in the same garments. I felt that there was a need for something exclusive without the hefty price tag.

NXL21 Charlotte: How did you come up with the name Oomph Boutique?

Arien Agurs: It’s kind of an inside joke. People that know me personally know that I’ve always had a fabulous closet. Some of my girlfriends would come over and get dressed at my house. I would help them with their outfits and say, “It’s cute but it’s missing a little bit of oomph.” That’s how I came up with Oomph Boutique - that extra pizzazz or spice.

NXL21 Charlotte: Who is your target customer?

Arien Agurs: My target customer is women between the ages of twenty to late thirties. There are women in their forties that come in also. There is something here for everyone. I target women that want to look trendy with a conservative edge. Professionals. People that like to have a good time and look different.

NXL21 Charlotte: What makes Oomph Boutique different from other boutiques in Charlotte?

Arien Agurs: A few things. Customer service would be first on my list. Usually, once businesses become stagnant, it seems like that hunger to please customers deteriorates. I feel like all of my customers are my girlfriends. I want them to be able to talk to me. If it doesn’t look good, I’ll let you know. I may suggest it in another color or different style. I give all the women that come in exceptional customer service. Secondly, even though a boutique name is attached to Oomph, there aren’t boutique prices. It’s affordable with great, quality merchandise. Also, we have something new every single week.

NXL21 Charlotte: What trend do you forecast will be popular in spring?

Arien Agurs: Colors. Lots and lots of colors. I think we’re getting tired of earth tones. Purple, fuchsia, oranges, and reds will be in. Don’t be afraid to take risks this season. Flats will also be popular. We have some new flats that are absolutely adorable. They come in yellow, tan, and orange with Swarovski crystals. They are exclusive and you won’t see them on anyone else. I love heels, but don’t be afraid to take off that height sometimes; it’s okay to be in flats.

NXL21 Charlotte: Where do you see Oomph Boutique in the next five years?

Arien Agurs: With this particular boutique, I want to branch out to another location. I have another boutique in the works in Houston, Texas. But, there will definitely be another location in Charlotte. Also, I see us still standing strong with a dedication to our core values - a commitment to our customers and unparalleled customer service.

NXL 21 Charlotte: What personal struggles did you face when opening Oomph Boutique?

Arien Agurs: The biggest difficulty I had was looking for the support of other people. Not monetary support but just support period. People didn’t understand why I would take such a risk, but it’s okay for people not to get it. I truly believe what God has for me is for me. You may not understand it, but it’s for me. I knew it was something I had to do. Not everyone is going to be supportive. You have to believe in yourself.

NXL21 Charlotte: What advice do you have for other young entrepreneurs?

Arien Agurs: My advice is to know your business. Do your homework. Selling clothes is the easy part. Know your finances. Pay your taxes. When you branch out on your own as a small business, there is no Human Resources. You have to be everything. Be prepared. ▪

*Owner - Arien Agurs

*Flats with Swarovski Crystals

Be sure to follow Oomph Boutique on Twitter @oomphboutique.

Visit Oomph Boutique on Facebook at facebook.com/oomphboutiquecharlotte.

Address & Phone Number
Oomph Boutique
8829 Arbor Creek Drive
Charlotte, North Carolina 28260

Hours of Operation:
Tuesday - Thursday (11:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.)
Friday - Saturday (10:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.)

Special Features:
+ Unique Pieces
+ Reasonable Prices
+ Personal Shopping
+ Style Assessment
+ Complimentary Wine
+ Intimate Shopping Atmosphere
+ Exclusive Boutique Parties
+ Exceptional Customer Service

Available Job Position:
-Retail and Customer Service Experience Preferred
-Send resume or inquires to oomph@oomphboutique.com