Next Season, Next Level: CIAA Fashion Trends

- Monique Douglas

On March 20th of each year, we welcome the 1st day of spring. We do this by unlocking our clothing bins or trunks, and packing away our turtlenecks and toboggans. While we prepare for a warmer climate, the Queen City and surrounding areas are preparing for a different type of climate change -the social climate change- that occurs every early March: The annual CIAA basketball tournament.

This year’s college basketball tournament takes place at the Time Warner Cable Arena, February 28-March 5th and garners tourists from up and down the east coast. The ending weekend of the tournament brings tons of revenue to Charlotte’s nightlife, as every club and promoter will be hosting parties at any feasible venue. When a weekend like CIAA approaches, the city of Charlotte has to prepare for the sudden change in social climate…and dress accordingly, of course. Here are some items that are hot fashion trends this upcoming CIAA weekend, and some that just need to stop:

·Trendy timepieces. Spring is blossoming and with it brings colorful watches from the inexpensive to the pricier designers, for both men and women

·Rompers. Paired with high heels they can be sexy, flirty, and comfortable. Need I say more?

·Lace. This fabric is being spotted more recent than any other trendy fabrics. Though not a personal favorite, the right article of clothing in a lacey fabric can be attractive and romantic

·Think in Prints. Leopard, safari, floral or exotic themes are all fashionable this season

·Retire the rubber-looking leggings. Sorry ladies. I know that as a lady myself, I should be shot and strangled for writing this but the leather look is out this season. Stick to the “jeggings” or regular leggings if need be, to accommodate the change of temperature

·Saving pennies on cheap perfume/cologne. Please do all of the ticket-buying patrons a favor by spending more for an actual eau de parfum. Cheaper scents tend to have an unpleasant smell

·Strutting in “Stripper heels”. You know what I’m talking about. Let’s opt for a more fashionable, classy platform heel instead. They can be found with a visible or hidden platform and in any fabric. I own a pair in suede actually and I find it elongates the legs for a flattering look!

·Throwing on Uggs. Yes, I know that there are day-parties galore however do not attend any of them sporting a pair of these popular Australian boots. Yes we love them, yes they are comfortable but they need to hibernate in the spring

So as you prepare to attend The Ritz-Carlton for the NXL21 on March 5th, be sure to take a quick look at what’s hot enough to wear for this big, eventful weekend!
For more information on NXL21 Charlotte events during CIAA, visit http://charlotte.nxlevelent.com/ .

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